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La Peregüeta is a private natural reserve that welcomes visitors and their families looking for a healthy, peaceful environment. A guest house with a full bathroom has sleeping accommodations for 8 persons. There are several roof-covered areas where a tent may be pitched. The facilities include a social area with hammocks, cooking and eating facilities and two bathrooms fully equipped with toilets and showers. There is no hot water and in this weather, one can easily live without it. Excellent drinking water is available from a well built on the premises. Electricity is provided by a generator that runs daily at night from 630pm - 900pm. Good TV reception from local channels may be available at night for a few hours.

The nearby town of Penonomé has restaurants, supermarkets and several reasonably priced hotels with the usual amenities including air conditioning and hot running water.


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Sr. Pablo´s Trapiche

Guest Cottage

Pottery making at a nearby village

Social area includes a dining area, bar, kitchen and hammocks

A site to pitch your tent
La Peregüeta. Todos los derechos reservados.
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