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The owner, fully bilingual in English and Spanish, is a birdwatcher and has dedicated many years to nature conservation. She is a former President of the Panama Audubon Society and served on all the Society boards since the early 1990s. She was elected as a Council Member representing Central and South America, for BirdLife International. She is on the board of the Friends of the Harpy Eagle Foundation, the Private Natural Reserves of Panama NGO and the Chagres National Park Foundation. She is a founding member of ECOAGUAS, a foundation working on the conservation of the Zaratí River. In addition to conservation work, she is on the board of an organization that manages a school and a sheltered shop for Down syndrome and other disadvantaged adults. In the cultural arena, she has been on the board of the Teatro en Círculo de Panama for many years and in 2005 published a book about the relationship between a mother and her Down Syndrome son.

For more information on visiting La Peregüeta, contact Manager, La Peregüeta at or
call (507) 6680- 5616

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Punto Coclesano: a typical dance
of the area
The "Pintao" hats are produced
by local artisans
Sarril, an excellent drink, also
grows on the premises

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