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Transportation to Penonomé from Panama City is on a well-paved highway, about 2.5 hours away. Comfortable air-conditioned buses depart frequently from the main bus terminal in Panama City; likewise it is very easy to return from Penonomé to the City.
From Penonomé to La Peregüeta by personal transport takes less than 20 minutes; the first five minutes are on a paved road, the remaining on an unpaved, rural dirt road. There is a small bus from Penonomé to Cerro Gordo that runs irregularly several times a day, worse on weekends, starting early in the morning till late in the afternoon. The cost is $.0.80 in one direction. If you take the bus, some walking is required. Although a 4 X 4 is not essential, it's nice to have, particularly during the rainy season. Taxi's from Penonomé cost about $6 each way.

Gates to La Peregüeta normally remain locked, so it is essential that you advise of your arrival ahead of time.

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