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La Peregüeta offers visitors opportunities for bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, swimming, canoeing and floating in the river. The property is limited by the Zaratí river for almost one kilometer; but river activities are specifically recommended for the non-rainy months (December to March). The property has easy to moderate walking trails all along its perimeters.

Year round you can enjoy the 5 X 14 meters (16 X 46 feet) swimming pool. Bicycling on country roads is fun and safe, hike to any of the nearby hills, star watch free from light pollution of any urban area or stay on the ranch and walk its trails. Roast marshmallows at the camp fire and solve all the world's problems or forget about all of them.

Visitors are welcome to help out in the farming and gardening activities. Over 100 mango trees of the Tommy Atkins variety and some of the citrus trees are starting to produce and the native tree plantation is growing well. In September we plant saril, in December it gets picked. The 30 or so icaco bushes (chrysobalanus icaco, coco plum) produce in the March/April period. We have started an experimental patch of Peregüeta bushes and they are growing nicely. Cane sugar for feeding horses is growing. Over 100 cashew trees have been planted. An ongoing project is to plant and nurture trees and flowering plants that attract birds. Every year we start a new project, the most recent one being improved grass for feeding horses. But our main focus is being persistent in the regeneration of the exuberant natural environment lost after many years of deforestation and land abuse due to poor farming practices.

Nearby day trips include visiting petrogliph sites, bird watching in the Omar Torrijos National Park in Cope and in the estuary areas of the Rio Grande; swimming at the nearby beaches in Farallon or Juan Hombrón and visiting colonial towns in the central provinces of Herrera and Los Santos. These activities will require a vehicle.

Volunteers are welcome to assist in the multi-grade two-room school (Spanish required). Thanks to donations received from many wonderful friends, the school has been fully refurbished; there is always more to do for those who care to lend a helping hand. We have also worked with the community on several potential ecotourism projects.

Hiking in the nearby hills. Guiding can be arranged
La Peregüeta Guacamaya Effort: Moderate to Difficult (full day or overnight) Cerro Gordo Effort: easy to moderate(1/2 day)
Meters 654 244
Feet (X 3.3) 2158 805
Latitude North North
Degrees° 30 8
Minutes 29 23
Seconds 29 23
Longitude West West
Grados ° 80 80
Minutes ' 28 25
Seconds " 0 25
Guiding can be arranged to visit the Petrogliph sites in La Pintada

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Hiking with local folks

Horses: Topi and Palomino are good for riding

Pool area with a magnificent view of the hills in the background

Great places for swimming in many parts of the Zarati River

One of the best petrogliphs I've seen, its called The Violin

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